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Cindy Maddera

Chris installed Blogo on to Gert over the weekend. So really this post is more or less a test of this program. I really don't have much to say. Chris and I didn't really do much this weekend, but our usual errand crap that includes driving around the city from grocery store to grocery store.

I needed to go the Chinese Market to pick up some vegetables and we got there as the entire Asian district was celebrating the Chinese New Year. You know those giant wheels of cheese that you see in restaurants as decoration? I watched a guy unroll a wheel about that size of black cats. This was minutes after detonating off a previous roll.

I took a bunch of crappy pictures of the litter and the dragons dancing around. I'm still having a hard time knowing what camera settings work best for certain situations. I do OK when it's just me in a room with a light because I feel like I can spend time making adjustments. But in the real world, with action going on, I have a little bit of a hard time. But that's how you learn right? I know the next time I'm shooting outside on a bright sunny day exactly what to set the shutter speed and ISO to.

I'm making some head way on that resolution list.