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Today marks the end of my 365 dayproject on Flickr. WOOT! It was fun, but, Man, am I exhausted. I resisted starting this project for a number of reasons, but was goaded into it by Chris and some friends. And since they were all jumping off a cliff, I might as well jump too. A year later and some of those people dropped out, some of them (sadly) I don't talk to any more, and one of them finished. There were many days where I felt like dropping out, but I am tenacious and have a tendency to finish the things I start.

I'm actually glad that I did this project. I've never liked getting my picture taken and to take a picture of yourself every day sounded like torture. But I've learned a lot by doing the 365 day project. First off, I've learned some basic camera skills and learned how to use some of my camera settings. I've learned how to adjust for different lighting. I may have to play around with the setting a little at first, but I have a basic idea of where they need to be so things aren't over exposed. I have no great aspirations of being a great photographer or making money from this. I just want to be able to take good pictures and to have fun while doing that; it's a hobby.

I also feel that this project taught me a lot about myself. I have a visual log of how much weight I've lost over the year. But most importantly, I've learned to be OK with me, with this body I have in this moment. I took some some pretty unflattering pictures, but I took some really great ones too. This project made me discover confidence I never new I had. It also forced me to be some what creative.

It really was a worthwhile project. I love scrolling through them because they are a record of all the things that have happened in year. I did some pretty awesome things while working on the 365 day. Bought a scooter. Got a motorcycle license. Started yoga teacher training. Went on a fabulous vacation. Got to go to some really great concerts. My best friend had a baby. All of this is recorded in some way in these pictures and it's been an amazing ride. But it's time for a break and I'm relieved to finally be finished.