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Cindy Maddera

One of Chris's New Year's resolutions is to give to a different charity every month. He asked me to pick the charity this time around and I was like "uh...OK". How do you choose? Just one?

I thought I'd choose something local. So I googled Oklahoma Charities, but I didn't see anything truly inspiring. Don't get me wrong. Charities are all good. But I wanted to choose a charity where I new my small donation would do the most good.

I went with the Oklahoma Humane Society. Hooper has been such a blessing in our lives and we were able to make his life better. Chris and I still get teary when we talk about leaving him in the pound an extra night because we weren't prepared for a dog. What if he had been adopted or worse before we could get him? We also regret not getting Hooper's cell mate too. The day we adopted Hooper was starting to turn into Schindler's List. But I can't adopt all of them, so I might as well help out in other ways.