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Cindy Maddera

First off I want to wish every one a Happy New Year. I hope all had a safe and fabulous celebration. Chris, our friend Brian and I spent our New Year's Eve with The Flaming Lips. This was the first Lips concert that I have been able to drag Chris to and he was finally able to see first hand what I've been harping about all these years. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the concert. I tried sneaking in the fancy pants camera, but was forced to trek it back to the car (after standing in line for over an hour). But really, this was the only blight on the evening. The Flaming Lips don't give you a concert. They give you an experience and the entire crowd vibrates with such amazing energy. That moment during the last song, standing with Chris, holding his hand, with confetti and balloons floating all over is a moment trapped in my head for a lifetime. We had an amazing time.

A few years ago, Chris and I ended up at our favorite Indian restaurant on New Year's day. That was also the year we had decided to forgo the black-eye pea tradition. We had determined that eating black-eye peas on New Years did not bring us good luck, but in fact had the opposite effect. That year, while munching on masala and nan, we made a pact to eat Indian food every New Years day. This would be our tradition.

Well...what can I say. We are old and lucky if we can remember where we've put our keys. This year, we forgot about the pact. We decided on Ethiopian for the New Year, but when we arrived at our favorite Ethiopian place ( I think it's the only one really), we found it closed. Ok...our favorite Mexican place was just down the street. How about that? Nope. Closed too. OK...How about Indian food? And this is when I remembered the pact. We were supposed to eat Indian food and what do ya know, Karma lead us straight to our favorite Indian place. And it was open.

So, Cheers to you all. Hope the New Year brings you all the things you're hoping for and then some.