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Cindy Maddera

Sharp You know, I think I really needed a snow day. We slept in late and had lazy morning sex. Then Chris made coffee and cooked bacon (fake sausage links for me) while I made blueberry pancakes. We lounged on the couch for a while drinking cups of coffee. It was a very pleasant morning. Chris has been working on getting his office in order all day while I did things like clean the bathroom and laundry. I also walked on the treadmill, but spent some quality time with the TV. The only slightly annoying part of this day has been our dog. Chris's mom gave him an enormous bone last night. Those things always make him thirsty and he woke me at 4:00 am frantic to go out. I let him out and refilled his bone dry water bowl, then let him back in.

Hooper is an outside during the day type of dog. He has serious patrolling to do out there you know, so being cooped up inside all day has been a bit of trial for him. I don't know what he has to complain about. He got two (yes...two) peanut butter pancakes this morning and he still had half of that bone left. The bone that has made him fart all day. That dog reeks! And every time you get up to do something he jumps up and runs to a door thinking that we are going outside. For the last time Hooper, I am not going outside to watch you pee!