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How I'd spend $1,000

Cindy Maddera

So I've been introduced to Plinky and the name alone makes me want to hug it. Remember those entries of "I have nothing to blog about"? Plinky makes those entries a thing of the past. OK, so you're still blathering on about nothing, but now your blathering can have direction! My Plinky question today was "how would I spend $1,000?". This is going to sound sad, but I'd pay off bills. Maybe, just maybe, I'd buy myself a pair of shoes. But really, I'd put that money towards paying something off like one of the scooters or a credit card. This question comes at time when Chris and I are really trying to get our budget under control. We talked about spending last night and realized that we are spending $80 a month in coffee alone. Coffee! As much as it saddens me, I had to agree that Coffee Slingers has to be reduced to once a week (as opposed to three).

It's time to buckle down and not just because our economy is on shaky ground. But because we have big plans and these big plans (unfortunately) require money. Plus, we're not so young any more. We really should have some sort of savings other then what our company puts into our retirement fund. It's time to grow up a little.