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Cindy Maddera

I stayed home sick today. I wasn't faking it; I really was (still) sick. I figure if I wake up feeling like I've swallowed glass, I should get to stay home from work. I am feeling better and predict that I'm on the mend (I won't go into details about what exactly the Neti pot dislodged from my nose). You would think that with having the day off and all, I would have been a little productive. I guess it depends on what you would call productive. I took medicine every four hours, like instructed. I read trough my study guide for my yoga teacher final at least once. But mostly I laid around on the couch like an invalid all day. I realize that this is what a person should do when they are sick, but this goes against my nature. It just feels decadent and slovenly. I don't care if I'm running a temperature of hundred degrees. I should at least be able to clean the bathroom or kitchen or something. I didn't even knit today.

And I gotta say there just may be something to this whole "resting while you're sick thing". I am starting to feel a lot better. Of course this may have something to do with the gallons of Theraflu I've ingested today. At least my throat doesn't feel like I've swallowed glass any more, but instead it feels more like the glass wounds have scabbed over.