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Cindy Maddera

OK, I'm a spaz. I remember this one time (at band camp) during my under-grad days when my sister called me. I had just finished taking my World Thought Three final and when she asked me about it, I just burst into tears. I knew I had failed. It was horrible. I'm stupid. Blah, blah, blah. I made an 87 on that test, a totally respectable score for this particular class. So, yeah...I was on freak out mode last week and by Saturday I could barely contain the nervous energy. I made my lip bleed at least three times before Chris could even get me to teacher training. The very first thing on the agenda was to take the written final. Well...I passed. Actually, I made the highest score of the class, missing only one question. And that missed question was a STUPID, stupid mistake. Apparently being nervous about teaching was also stupid. My partner and I did so well, that our teacher had a hard time finding anything to criticize. She said that she was very proud to know that we were out there teaching.

I guess I'm really doing this. I am going to be a yoga teacher. And apparently it's something I'm really good at. No one is as floored by this as I am.