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Cindy Maddera

I keep waiting for this yoga teacher training stuff to get easier, but when the weekend isn't physically demanding, it's usually mentally demanding. This weekend was maybe one hour of yoga and like 20 hours of lecture and discussion of ethics, catharsis, and the business of yoga. We also covered meditation and different styles of meditation. Lots of sitting on the floor. One thing that came out of this weekend that Chris is pleased about is now I have to redesign the blog and maybe a new website. I finally have to start making some decisions about things. Poop! So things may or may not be changing around here. Don't look for it any time soon. I may just decide to start a whole new blog for the yoga business side of things. There are things I'd like to include on that site that I don't really need here. Besides, I need Elephant Soap for me. I need a place where I can freely type the word "Fuck" without worry. That word may be a little inappropriate for a professional blog.

There were times during the weekend where I could feel the panic bubble rising into my throat with all the little details I didn't even consider when starting this project. Things like business card, websites, resumes, and contact information. Then...Then there's the whole accounting side of things, the keeping track of money earned and spent and receipts incase you get audited. My brain's ticking just thinking about it. I know that none of this stuff has to be done right this minute. But, holy cow! When this stuff was dumped into my brain in the course of a three hour lecture, it felt like there was a little drill sergeant in the back of my head yelling "NOW! NOW! NOW MADDERA!". And he was a mean and angry little drill sergeant.

I think I just need a nap and some time to digest all of this. I also need to see someone about the right side of my body. It started in the shoulder with just really tight muscles. Then it spread up my head and to my face with nice little eyebrow twitch. Now it's spread down to my hip. I think I'm going to try acupuncture. Now that will make a great 365 day picture!