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OK...seriously...I have plans. Big plans and little plans all for the coming year and I know it would really make things easier if I would just write them down. Somewhere. Preferably somewhere I can find it. So here goes. I've got to break it down into two categories or else I'll give myself a panic attack. The Big Stuff: 1. Get myself set up as a professional yoga teacher. Sounds simple, but turns out to be a little bit more complex then just getting a certificate. This is why it's in the Big Stuff category. This is going to require insurance, web site, business cards, yoga props and organization. Wait...I gotta take a breath. I don't know why, but this freaks me out the most. It's scarier then losing my job next year. This is also why I've put it at the top of the list.

2. Put together a new resume and start sending it out. This is probably the easiest task, but the most daunting because, even though I have year, I don't really want another job. If there was any way to take early retirement right now and just teach yoga, that is what I'd do. But I don't want to live with my mother-in-law forever. I need to either win the lottery or continue bringing home "the big bucks" if we want to move to our soul home.

The Small Stuff: 1. Get super healthy. I mean way healthy.

2. Finish those darn socks and knit more gifts for next year.

3. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.I already know the typical tourist phrases. It might be nice to be able to have whole conversations.

4. Learn how to take awesome pictures with my Nikon D60. Yeah, who was I kidding. There's no way Chris and I were ever going to "share" that camera. I claim it. Suck it.

5. Watch less TV. I say this just as new seasons of Big Love, Flight of Concords, Battle Star Galactica, and Lost start up. That's OK. We have DVR and I will take full advantage of it.

6. Sell some crap on ebay. I have some serious crap to sell. It's even possible that one of those items could fund my way to a yoga retreat I want to go to in May.

7. Move my iTunes files over to the external hard drive and get the rest of the stuff from the old mac moved over so I can get rid of the old mac. This is just stupid on my part. I've had the external hard drive for months and it's never even been out of the box.

8. Update my address book. I haven't been successful in my attempts to get my address book moved to Gert. It just won't go for some crazy reason. Now, I'm thinking that's OK because I'm sure there are addresses that need to be changed, added or removed all together.

9. Stick to a budget! Part of the plan for this is to only buy used things next year with the exception of toiletries, shoes, and underwear. I'm preparing for this by buying some pants on sale at VS today. Chris has also included things that are marked down to ridiculous prices like the three dollar Gap t-shirt I bought the other day. (It's my favorite and I recently spent an entire hour coloring out pomegranate juice spots on it with my Tide pen.)

10. I don't really have a ten, but OK. How about...walk everyday? I walk everyday at work, but have a tendency to skip out on the weekends. I don't have an excuse now that we have Mom's treadmill (they've had a couple of spills on it and didn't want it any more).

So there. That's the list. The things in the Big stuff category has to be done in 2009. No question. The other things I'd like to do, but if it doesn't happen, doesn't happen. Of course, most of the little things will happen just because they're a distraction to doing the big stuff. (Kind of like writing this entry while I should be studying for my yoga final.)