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Cindy Maddera

I had my first experience with acupuncture yesterday and the verdict is good. It was a completely surreal experience, but I think it worked. For the past few months I've had this issue with my right shoulder and neck area. I felt like Quasimodo, like my right shoulder was pressed up to my ear (even though it wasn't). So I went with acupuncture. Needles had to be better then the chiropractor I went to that one time (he left me in a dark room for an hour with ice packs all over me--torture; I confessed every thing). Dr. Li and his wife, who acts as the receptionist/nurse, are the cliched Chinese couple. They both are abrupt, but nice. He asked me my age. I told him 32 and then he asked about my children. When I replied that I didn't have any kids and none on the way, he looked at me and said "You're 32, you better have babies soon. You're almost 35. Shouldn't have babies after 35.". We all know that when you turn 35 your ovaries shrivel up and die. After that he made me lay on my side and then he stuck pins in me. It didn't hurt, not really, except for the one at the top of my head (which I can still feel today). Then he placed a heat lamp on me and left me for about twenty minutes. And I slept. Like really slept. With pins stuck in me. Weird.

Then Dr. Li took the pins out (this stung a tiny bit) and stuck magnets to my neck and shoulder (always with the magnets). I am to wear the magnets every other day or when ever I feel the tension and pain in my shoulder. I know...sounds like voodoo. But it's working! My neck is thinner. I guess it had been swollen all this time, but even Chris noticed the difference. It's just odd. Plus, I no longer feel the need to climb a bell tower and ring the bells.