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Cindy Maddera

This was one of those bizarro weekends that seemed to last forever. Friday night we met Zelda and friends at the Loony Bin for drinks and laughs. Chris and I are feeling the Christmas money crunch so we decided to be economical at the comedy club by each of us ordering just one drink. One really big drink. I don't think I've consumed 32 oz. of alcohol since the last time I was in Vegas. That's right, I said 32 oz. Of something they referred to as The Lobotomy. Chris didn't fair much better. His drink was called The Laughing Gas and in true "Chris gets a girly drink" fashion, it was pink. Despite Saturday morning's hangover, this was one of those weekends where I feel like I accomplished quite a lot. We finished up our Christmas shopping (we say every year that we will not do this again at the last minute). We got all of the Christmas wrapped including the gift boxes for the people at work. We saw a movie (Yes Man) and I lost my phone. Then I found my phone...where I'd left it at the theater. I cleaned the kitchen (mopped and everything) and finished the laundry.

And I still had time to make my vintage button wreath. I've seen several of these button wreaths on Flickr and every time I've thought "Hey! I can make that!". Lucky for me my mom is a hoarder and has buckets of old buttons. She just brought me a baggy full for this project, so I know there are still buttons left somewhere in that house if I ever feel the need to make another one. And I just might do that for next year.

Button wreath