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Cindy Maddera

Chris is ready for the new year and has all his goals lined up to accomplish. And despite the fact that I gave him a really long list of things for the new blog, he keeps asking me about my goals for the new year. Hold on! This year isn't up yet. I feel it's important to reflect back on the events and good things that have happened in 2008. First off, Chris and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. TEN YEARS! It's not really something I consider an accomplishment as much as it's just something really great that we celebrated. We've been through a lot of crap, but we've been through it together (I know...gag).

Which brings me to the next good thing of 2008, yoga teacher training. You're probably wondering what Chris has to do with this. Without Chris, I would not be in the yoga teacher training program. He pushed me into it kicking and screaming. Actually, I wouldn't do much of anything if I didn't have Chris pushing me along into doing the things I really always wanted to do ( tattoo). Teacher training has taught me so much about myself and completely changed how I see me. From this I've learned what does and doesn't work for my health and wellness.

My exercise program has changed and my diet is drastically different. Because of this, I've lost about 15 pounds this year. Go me! My diet became officially vegetarian during our trip to Portland. It was just so easy there. Awe...Portland. Yes, 2008 is also the year that Chris and I found our true home. We realized that we could actually live the life we've always imagined living in Portland. So there you have it actual goal for the new year: Find way to move to Portland (Stat!).

This year has also been a year for babies. Not ours (Hail the Goddess of Birth Control!), but babies for our friends and family. First there was Todd and Yuko's little boy, Lio. Next Mel and her new husband had their little boy, Lucas. Then came Tiff and Tom's, little Allison (finally... a girl!). Our friends Jen and Ken had a little boy, William. And finally, my best friend had little Luke. Whew! That's a lot of diapers! But I find something significant in all these births. It's an omen for the coming years, telling us that we will have a new beginning of our own (just not in the form of a clone).

There have been a few crappy times in 2008, but reflecting back...I really only see the good things. So, for the most part, 2008 was a good year for me. And I'm not quite ready to move on to the next year. That's OK. I still have some time and Chris can wait a little longer for my goals list.