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Cindy Maddera

Awe... Christmas. Really not much to say about it this year. Chris and I got up and had cinnamon rolls which is our little Christmas morning tradition. Then we loaded the car with goodies and drove up to my parents for the day. One of my parents always calls us when we're about half an hour a way and asks "Where are you? What time do you think you'll get here?". In a way, this makes me feel like I'm late or something, like the whole family is there waiting for me and Chris to show up. But, in fact, we are usually the first to arrive. We've also brought back our traditional Christmas dinner of fried oysters with potatoes and hush puppies. The oysters were exceptionally good this year and we all ate until we were miserable. MISERABLE! For once my mom didn't prepare any cakes or pies and I think we were all relieved and perfectly OK with this. All in all it was a very pleasant and relaxed day. But, all that food made driving home extremely difficult. I kept having to punch Chris in the arm to make sure he stayed awake. Then once we made it home, we basically didn't move from the couch. And you know what, for once I didn't feel guilty about this behavior.

Hope all had a wonderful day!