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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I were both awake pretty early today and not because we had to be up, just because...we were up. We got dressed and went out for breakfast. Then we headed over to Coffee Slingers for a really good cup of coffee. As we were leaving the coffee place, Chris and I were almost giddy. This is the first holiday we've ever had to ourselves. Ever. No choosing between families. No stress of getting across the state with a dish that needs to be kept warm. No chaos or miss communications. Just us (with the exception of Mrs. Swan, who will be heading off to the casino very soon). In about an hour, I'm going to start cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. On the menu is a lovely turkey breast (this year's recipe) for Chris, a Tofurky with orange glaze for me, baked squash casserole, baked sweet potatoes, grilled asparagus, rolls, and (of course) canned cranberry sauce. For dessert we have pecan or pumpkin pie. We also purchased a red and white wine from an Oregon winery.

Things I am thankful for: My husband My family My dog My friends My scooter The roof over our heads. Even though it's not the roof I want right now, it's still better then a cardboard box. My job The opportunities that have presented themselves to me this year. My health

Hope every one has a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!