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Cindy Maddera

I feel like it's time to bring back scholar Cindy, that part of me that was oober organized and studied nightly and had assignments turned in early. That Cindy hasn't had to be around in a very long time and I'm having a difficult time pulling her out from under the pile of garbage that's built up since she went on hiatus. Yes, I had yet another yoga teacher training this weekend that included a long list of homework and due dates and more homework. One of my assignments is to teach someone how to visualize auras. See, the focus of this weekend was energy bodies, auras and chakras. All the things about yoga that I think are hooky. Apparently we are surrounded by our own personal electronic fields that consist of several layers. There's the physical layer which is our bodies. We can see, smell, and touch this layer. After this is the vital layer, the emotional layer (this is the one that's colored), and the universal layer. When some one says they can see your aura, it's the emotional layer they are "seeing". This layer varies and changes in color and size. I cannot see auras, or if I can, every one's auras look alike to me. So I'm really not sure how I'm going to teach someone else how to see auras when I can't see them myself (or even believe they exist).

I will admit that I learned something about the chakras this weekend that is pretty cool and will make a great party trick. We have seven chakras (crown, forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus and root) and they spin clockwise. They spin counter clockwise every now and then as a self cleaning mechanism. If you hold a pendulum over any of these chakras, the pendulum will spin. I'm not kidding. We all got to hold the pendulum and we all got to have the pendulum passed over us and it was freaky. You don't need any thing fancy. You can even use a washer tied to the end of a string. You'll need to add a handle (maybe another washer) so you can't manipulate the string. I'm thinking of stopping by the wicca store and buying an actual pendulum, but I also want to make one just to see.

So... crazy weird weekend. Lots of homework which includes a 20 minute salt bath. Most people would be thrilled with the idea of soaking in a tub for 20 minutes. I am not normal. I think baths are disgusting and the idea of "soaking" makes me cringe. I'll have to bleach the tub, shower, bleach the tub again and then do my soak. And even then, 20 minutes is a lifetime! It's too much work to clean my aura. Can't I just leave it dirty?