Well... IKEA trip went well. Way better then I could have expected. My plan worked perfectly (bwahaha). There's just something about IKEA that makes everything better. It really is the happiest place on earth and a bit overwhelming for first timers. I was not surprised when Chris's family said that they would not be following us to Pappadeux's. Score! We bought so much crap this weekend. Most of the things I purchased needs to be (carefully) packed away and put into storage. I bought these way cute tumblers but had to talk Mom and Katrina into also buying a set so we could swap them out. Now I have a set of six way cute elephant glasses (I can't find them online). They're for the new home.

The only problem with IKEA weekends is that I get nothing done at home. The house is grossing me out. It needs to be cleaned. Homework! I still have done nothing on the yoga homework front. Tonight I will tackle one homework project and maybe dust the living room. I think the dusting part is being a little ambitious, but hey. Who knows right? Maybe I'll get home and Mrs. Swan will have done it. Ha! Hahahahaha!