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What's left of Christmas

When we moved in with Mrs. Swan, we left a few things in the storage shed at the old place. Things like Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations. This was supposed to be OK with Chris's brother and his sister-in-law's brother who moved in with his girlfriend/wife and baby. After all, we did give them our washer and dryer. We went over there this evening to get Chris's Ghostbuster costume for work and discovered this. The box containing all of our Christmas ornaments looked like it was full of trash.

I burst into tears. Then I took the box out to the car. I cried all the way back to our house. I cried as we sorted through debris trying to salvage anything and then I just sat staring at the wreckage while even more tears rolled down my face. Apparently the new tenants had a dog that had gotten into the shed, knocked over a bunch of stuff and went crazy with what ever it could get it's teeth on. Who knows when this happened. They don't have the dog any more. It probably choked on a shard of glass from my Babar ornament.

You know, it probably wasn't a big deal to them. They probably thought "Oh... they're just ornaments. They can go get some more from the Wals-Mart." That's where all Christmas ornaments come from right? Yup. I don't even know how to finish this entry. There's so much I want to say about Chris's family (poor Chris...he was adopted). But I think mostly, I'm just done. I'm done with doing things for their kids. I'm done with going to their home for family events. Most of all, I'm done with pretending to be nice to people I don't even like.

I'm sad.