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Cindy Maddera

This month's yoga teacher training was less about philosophy and more about instruction. I have an easier time with these types of weekends then I do with the ones that discuss the philosophical side of yoga. It's just easier for me to wrap my brain around and this weekend was great because we dealt with relaxation (yum) and inversions (fun). Some say that inversions reduce the aging process. I think this is because they are just fun. I love doing headstands, particularly now that I'm older (old and decrepit). It's something I could do as a kid, but you never think you could pull off as an adult. So, once you get into it, its like "Wow! Look at me!". I do not like handstands. I have a very large carrying angle in my arms; they don't lay straight, but bend at the elbows and even hyper-extend. This means I don't have joint on joint alignment in a handstand. The carrying angle starts developing in girls between the ages of 7-14. If a girl falls during this developmental stage, she is most likely to break her arm because of the way she would put her hands out to catch herself. I have broken both of my arms. Not at the same time; more like two years apart. I think was 7 when I broke the first one and 10 for the second one. My carrying angle was not caused by the broken arms. They're purely genetic. Handstands make my elbows hurt... I mean HUUURRRTTT! So I don't do them. And the great thing about this weekend, is that I learned that I don't have to do them.

There are only two weeks before our next teacher training (ACK!) and our session one training will be over with in January. Then I start session two where we learn to teach beginning yoga. Some parts of this seems to be winding up really fast, but then I think that I still have another six months left and I'm "Gah! Can I just be finished all ready?!". I have lots of homework stuff due in December and that has me slightly panicky. When I was in school, I was on top of things. Assignments were turned in at least a week before they were due. Now, I'm all about procrastination. Chris must be wearing off on me.