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Cindy Maddera

Oh... this is probably a bad idea, but I'm good at bad ideas. I'm watching the VP debate. That's bad idea number one. Bad idea number two is actually writing about it. First of all let's talk about energy independence. I'm all for being energy independent. There's no reason why we should be buying oil from foreign countries. Just like there's no reason why we should be buying clothes, electronics, auto parts, or food from foreign countries. But why is it when they talk about energy dependence, they talk about the need to open up more places on American soil for drilling? Why does our energy have to come from oil? Are you telling me that the U.S.A, home to MIT, Berkley, Harvard, Cornell, cannot develop technologies that would make us energy independent without relying on oil? I just don't understand why we are putting all this time and money into a non-renewable resource. Non-renewable means that once it's used up, it's gone. That's it. Nada. No more. Secondly, and boy is this one going to get me in trouble, what happens to our solders if we stop funding this war? Well...hmmmm.... THEY GET TO COME HOME! People, if we stop funding this "war", we have to bring our troops home. Because we love our military, we will not leave them over there without food or water. No money means we can't afford to keep them there any more. Why is bringing our troops home unpatriotic? I think it's very patriotic to want to bring our troops home safely to their families. It's time to let the Iraqis take care of their own and America to focus on taking care of Americans.

Thirdly, Palin just said that McCain was against government health care. McCain had government health care when he was in the military. He had government health care as a U.S. senator and since McCain is over 65, he has government health care as a senior citizen. If government health care is good enough for John McCain, then why isn't it good enough for the rest of us? Of course it isn't. We've all seen the Nightline news stories about the horrible conditions in our veteran's hospitals. We have higher standards in the TV shows we watch then how we care for our veterans, our elderly and our children.

I'm tired of settling for less. I demand energy dependence with out relying on oil. I demand an end to this war, shifting our focus to the real terrorist threats. I demand that we take care of our own with affordable health care for every one. I demand tax reform that removes tax breaks for the wealthy and puts the tax burden on the middle class and poor. I demand accountability, not just for my government, but for all of us.

OK, OK... I'm preaching to the choir. Stepping down off the soap box now.