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Cindy Maddera

I haven't really talked much about what happened after the cleansing diet I did in July or what I learned about myself and food from the diet. I guess since the detox I've become sort of a closet vegetarian. I only eat meat if I know where it comes from, meaning organic and humane meat. But usually its just easier to tell people that I'm a vegetarian. When I told mom that I only eat meat if I know where it comes from, she replied "Well...I bought the chicken from Pilgrim's Pride". And when Mrs. Swan made fried rice the other day, Chris said " has chicken in it. Cindy doesn't eat chicken". His mom then said "Oh. I thought you said she didn't eat meat". Apparently chicken is a vegetable. I ate the fried rice. I don't want to be rude or snobby about it. But I don't feel good physically when I eat meat. I feel bloated and sluggish and just plain ugh.

So...this is one of the things I learned from the diet. Meat makes me sluggish. The second thing I learned was that gluten is the cause of my flaky lips. The entire time I was on the diet, no matter how hard I tried, I could not peel my lips off. Oh.. and I tried. Now, I can tell when I've had more gluten then usual. Those are the days I easily peel off my lip before applying a thick coating of lip balm. Even though I know gluten is bad for me, I haven't given it up. Gluten is every where! I just pay more attention to it these days and try to introduce more gluten free option into the meal plans. I also can't give up seafood. It brings me pleasure to eat a slab of raw tuna on bed of sushi rice. It's not something I get very often, so I'm not depriving myself.

The new changes have been good. I've lost a little weight. I feel better physically. I'm learning to be a more creative cook and getting close to being able to write my own "OKC Vegetarian Restaurant Guide". This weekend, I might even try making my own paneer...from scratch!