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Cindy Maddera

My brain is so full, I think it's going to explode. September is turning out to be a crazy month. I have two baby showers to attend this week as well as one to plan. Yoga teacher training is coming up in a couple of weeks with yet another presentation due (haven't even started). September is our vacation month and we are headed to Oregon in two and a half weeks. I'm excited and nervous about Oregon, but mostly just glad to be going on vacation. Plus, Chris and I have been brain storming on a project all weekend. It's something we're not ready to talk about yet because it's still in the development stages. We are really going to get busy on the project when we get back from vacation, but all the ideas and excitement over the project have my head all a jumble. I really can't wait to get started and moving ahead on it.

We've also been a little more social then usual. Saturday night we went to our friend Zelda's house for food and booze. Zelda is an old pal from our under-grad days and even though we live in the same city, we only see each other about once every five years or so (or when Jupiter aligns with Mars). But we are doing much better. We've managed to see her at least three times this year alone with plans for more fantastic get togethers. Saturday evening reminded me of the Friday's at Stonewall's days. We all sat around drinking and talking about everything from politics to being vegetarian. I sat there listening to stories that made me laugh so I hard, cider and salsa almost came out my nose. We didn't even get home until almost three in the morning. That's pretty late for me (we all know my bed time is 9:30, though lately closer to 10:00...yeah, I'm old).