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Cindy Maddera

Oklahoma City schools are back in session, so I decided today would be a good time to attempt getting my motorcycle license. I felt that things were leaning in my favor when I arrived at ten till 7:00 (AM) and there were only ten people in line before me. I have to say that the DMV is a very interesting place. Apparently it was Asian day at the DMV, because there were several oriental people there getting their driver's license. There were these two guys, driving the same car, who both wanted to get their driver's license. They kept walking away from the counter whenever the DMV agent would ask for a certain form like insurance or ID and she kept having to call them back over. I was given a time for my driving test and I went outside to wait with my scooter. The first dude took his test and then parked right next to me. The second guy got into the car for his test and started backing up...and backing up...and backing up. Then the guy administering his test told the dude to just drive forward and park it. He didn't pass, but Hey! his friend did! Then there was a little old oriental lady parked on my other side. The DMV agent noticed that the old lady didn't have a current tag and wouldn't let her take the test at all. The poor thing got in her car and then put it in drive to back out of her parking space...twice.

There were several people there for the motorcycle test. The guy who went just before me was older and had been riding for a while with out his license. He parked next to me when he came back from his test. I got to hear how he did from the DMV agent. He failed because he rolled through the stop signs. I was extra nervous when it was my turn. But I passed! My only problem was going to slow (35 in a 40). I was so excited, I made the DMV agent be in my 365 day picture. She wasn't sure what to think about that, but it made her chuckle and that's something she probably doesn't do very often with her job.