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Cindy Maddera

Yesterday I went to the DMV to get my motorcycle license. They've closed a bunch of the DMV Exam Stations due to a budget crunch, so the one I had to go to was not close to the house. Since I thought I'd be taking a driving test, I had to ride my scooter out there and find a way to do it with out getting on a highway. Chris and I have been practicing riding through our neighborhood. We're nervous about getting out on city streets with out actually having our license for obvious legal reasons. Yesterday was my first time out on real streets with real speed limits. Luckily it was early and traffic was light. The DMV opens at 7 AM and I wanted to be there when the doors opened. So did about fifty other people. I got there at ten till seven and there were already about fifty people in front of me in line. Some of them had been camped out side since 4 AM.

I realized that all those jokes I'd heard about the DMV are true. There were already so many people there, that they had booked all their driving tests for the day. All I could do was take my written which I didn't get to take until almost 9:30 (yup two and half hours later). But I passed! I have ninety days to get the driving portion done. Even though I was not really legal, I went ahead and took my scooter to work. It was great! I was a little nervous, but I didn't have any problems. The coolest thing was passing these big Harley riding dudes and having them wave at me. I grinned from ear to ear and very cautiously returned the wave. Beep beep!