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Cindy Maddera

Misti: "I need money. Because I want a new Mac Pro...and to go to London to see my boyfriend, Michael Phelps in the next summer olympics....and do fencing." Me: "But you can do fencing. There's those classes at Redlands. They have ads in The Gazette all the time."

Misti: "They have classes for that?!? At Redlands?!?"

Me: "Yeah! The ads are always in The Gazette."

Misti: "They have classes on putting in fencing? At Redlands?"

Me: " meant fencing as in fence-in-your-yard fencing. Not the swashbuckling kind? Well, then no. They don't have those kind of classes at Redlands."

If you knew Misti, you would totally make the same assumption that she meant the swashbuckling kind of fencing.