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Cindy Maddera

142/365 -- 7.12.08 -- V is for VespaRight now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Kansas City. I'm supposed to be resting. We're going to the Feist concert in about one hour. This weekend was totally about going to the Feist concert in Kansas City and it was until we stopped by the Vespa shop in Tulsa "just to look". It's all Chris's fault. He was the one that said "let's go spend the night at your parents in Collinsville". He's the one that just had to go check out The Whole Foods Market in Tulsa, which just happens to be down the street from the Vespa shop. The Vespa shop of course had to have their scooters displayed outside like giant popsicles. When we stopped "just to look" I told Chris that we couldn't stay long because Mom was fixing dinner. Then I sat on my Vespa. My Vespa. Yup. We bought not just one, but TWO Vespas (thanks to Dad because our credit sucks).

Now, instead of being all excited about Feist, I just want to be home. Waiting for them to deliver my scooter. Thinking about all the stuff I need to go with it (helmet, gloves, license, insurance). Worrying about learning to ride it. My Vespa, V. Chris got an orange one.