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Cindy Maddera

I truly believed that Chris's mom was just playing dumb because she's lazy, but last night she proved that she really is stupid. She made some deal with a stranger in our neighborhood about repairing the fence that borders our properties. Of course she didn't tell us any thing about it, so we were clueless when the guy stopped by to ask us about it. He left his name and phone number so that we could call him back. Mr. Swan's brilliant idea last night was to roam the neighborhood looking for this guy instead of CALLING him...on a PHONE. When she couldn't find him at the place where she thought he lived, she decided to ask a pack of hoods roaming the street if they new the guy. She had her purse sitting in the passenger's seat and was talking to them through the window when one of the punks reached in, grabbed the purse, and ran. We had left her alone for less then twenty minutes and she gets her purse stolen.

So, police come, report is made, cop finds the punk. The purse is gone (of course) and we canceled her cards. She didn't have her check book or any cash and today she's going down to replace her drivers license. She was lucky. It was just a purse; it could have been worse. Things calmed down for the evening. That's when she decides to go get her gun out of her dresser "to make sure it's there and working".

I did not grow up around guns. They make me uneasy and I don't see that owning one makes me any safer then not owning one. Most likely, unless the gun is always holstered to my hip, I'm never going to be able to get to the gun in time to do any thing with it. Plus, I honestly don't think I could actually shoot someone with the intent to kill or maim. Chris was not happy about his mom getting her gun out and he took it away from her. He told her she could have it back when she could prove to him the she could actually get to it when an emergency occurs. Ah...the argument that ensued. She's still mad. We left her stewing in her chair this morning. It made me chuckle.