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Cindy Maddera

Module six of yoga teacher training focused on breathing (pranayama) and hip openers and boy was I glad when this weekend didn't involve a quiz. I have been a bad student and did not study. I usually make note cards for all the new sanskrit words, but I didn't do this for module five until early last week. The problem is I keep getting fun books to read. Plus I would rather be studying and preparing for my motorcycle test. I'm more worried about the driving portion of the test. I've already scored a 92% on the practice written test. I just feel like I have a lot to do, but I'm just too lazy to do any of it. It doesn't help that it's a hundred degrees out either.

At least I don't feel as physically wasted after this session as I did after the last. You would think that eight hours of hip opening poses would have killed me. But I'm constantly surprised by my ability to keep up. I felt physically and emotionally drained by the end of class yesterday. You tend to carry emotional stress in your hips. I tend to get sad and a little depressed when I do hip openers (even though they feel great physically) and I usually end a hip opener practice with a really good back bend. I expected the worst when I got up this morning. But I feel great today. I went to the Y this morning and walked and went to the yoga class there (even though the teacher has a teaching style that makes me cringe a little on the inside). I'm tired, but not more so then any other day. I want to go home and ride my scooter.