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Cindy Maddera

Boy am I pooped! What a weekend?!? The Feist concert was one of the best concerts I've been to. Chris and I had been to Kansas City to see Sting a long time ago, but we didn't get a chance to really see the city. This time around we had time to drive around the city some and we liked what we saw. Kansas City is a very pretty place with lots of trees and green. We were very surprised by just how charming the city is. The concert was at The Starlight Theater on the Missouri side of Kansas City. It's a very quant little outside theater set in a big park (that also houses the local zoo). Juana Molina was the opening act and she was fantastic. I bought a CD, that's how much we liked her. She's like a modern day version of the one-man-band and I fell in love. Feist put on a fabulous show as well. She was very engaging and interactive with the audience. It was just a wonderful night.

Chris and I had a really great time and we begrudgingly admit to be being a bit smitten with KC. Now (5 1/2 hrs later) we're home, tired, but wired over the delivery of our scooters. They're still not here. I took some pictures (we had great seats!), but my camera was on the wrong setting so they're a little blurry. I like to think this adds an artistic twist to the pictures and reflects the energy of the concert.