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Cindy Maddera

I only have two days left on my detox diet. So far it hasn't been that bad. I don't miss the meat. I really don't even miss the cheese. But I do miss sugar. I want cake. My meals that I planned have left me full, but mildly unsatisfied. Today I got the idea to make spaghetti and once I started thinking about pasta sauce, I became a little giddy. The challenge is finding spaghetti sauce that doesn't have added sugar. I dragged Chris with me to the health food store after work where we perused the tomato sauce isle. I had to read many a label before coming across a sauce that didn't have added sugar. Then I had to find a gluten free spaghetti noodle and while I was searching, I came across these chips. I love these chips! After eating the first chip I looked at Chris and said "I think I will live". They are so good and lifted my spirits so much that I could probably do this diet for a whole month.

But I'm not. Friday is the last day. After that, I'm sticking to the veggies, but also adding in dairy and sometimes fish. No animal products is hard!