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I think I've mentioned before how I just don't like going to "family" get-togethers at my brother-in-law's house. The events are usually excruciating. Sunday's birthday party for my niece was no exception. They combined my nieces birthday with her cousin's (it was his first). My sister-in-law's (A) side of the family are odd. They are all very pro-WalMart, Bush and Ann Coulter and they're not really big on encouraging education. Every one knows that all you really need is a GED. A's sister has this husband that just gives me the creeps. He's the one that usually gives the blessing before big family dinners (which is always odd, because Chris's family doesn't claim a religion). Any way, this guy gives off this weird preachy, sex offender vibe and he makes my skin crawl. We hadn't had to see them in a while, so I guess this is why he felt the need to hug me hello (I just threw up a little in my mouth remembering the hug). But even A's family weren't as bad this time because they were over shadowed by the people invited to the one-year old's side of the party.

It was a living cliche. Imagine a house full of teenage mothers and one pregnant teenager. Except these girls were the worst kind of teen-mommy. These were the type of girls who got pregnant to keep a boy around. The type that pretends to be an attentive mother, but would be happier holding a beer and a cigarette. The type of girl who has a baby because she has nothing else going for her then her ability to reproduce. It's just unfortunate that they are reproducing little replicas of themselves, following similar paths, floating along uneducated and voting with out using their brains (if they vote at all). For once, Chris and I were the oldest people there with out kids.

All I can say is Thank the Gods that this was an on-call babysitting weekend for Chris. Getting called in to watch the Beast is ten times better then sitting through the most awkward birthday party. The highlight was talking to Chris's brother about the scooters. He was so excited for us, he let me borrow a helmet.