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Cindy Maddera

I'm starting a new tradition called Fourth of July resolutions. It's a good time in the year to re-evaluate all the things you set out to do at the beginning of the year and if you're like me, your resolutions have slid to the way side. I didn't really make major resolutions this year. I told myself that I would eat better, quite some bad habits...the usual. Now, starting the seventh month of the new year, the bad habits still linger and the plan to eat better has gotten wonky. Tomorrow begins the Detox-End-of-Bad-Habits diet. It's the same detox diet that Dooce tried for a couple of weeks. I had been searching for a detox diet when she blogged about hers. It's simple. No caffeine, no alcohol, no gluten, no sugar, and no animal products. Easy right? The diet is supposed to last 21 days. Dooce made it two weeks before she got the mother of all sinus infections and her doctor told her to stop. I have no great expectations. I've planned my diet for a measly week. At the end of the week, I'll re-evaluate how I feel and see were it goes from there.

I have a feeling after this week, I'll end up making the switch to vegetarian. I've been headed in this direction for some time now. My lunches tend to be vegetarian and I feel better when I'm eating more veggies. I also think my body is going to really like the no gluten part of the diet. The hardest part is going to be living without cheese or milk for the week. Most of all I'm hoping this diet will give my system the kick start I need to stick with a good plan for my body. We'll see.