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Cindy Maddera

10:18 AM me: Heather's up for happy hour on friday10:19 AM She said that if Scott can go play golf two days in a row, she can go to happy hour and have a couple of drinks with us. Mickey Mantel's? 10:21 AM Chris: cool sounds good 10:22 AM me: Ask a vet online says that Hooper can have "cold tale" caused by tremendous wagging of the tail. Basically he threw out his tail. 10:23 AM It says that if the tail seems painful in any way to take him to the vet. I felt allup and down his tail Monday and he didn't seem at all like it hurt him. 10:24 AM Chris: what??? he wagged his tail too much? me: They see this often in labs labradors Chris: it's sad but why am i laughing 10:25 AM me: I know. It can also be called "frozen tail" Chris: i hope that's all it is 10:26 AM he does wag his tail more these days me: so do I. It says that if their anus seems swollen, we need to have the Vet drain his glands. Gross, but not a big deal. Check his anus tonight to see if its swollen Best chat ever 10:27 AM Chris: uh, no he's your dog ha-ha! me: he's totally your dog and you know it Chris: let's ask him 10:28 AM me: I see this conversation. Us talking Baby talk to Hooper: "Is your wittle anus swollen puppy?" Do your glands need a squeezin'?