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Cindy Maddera

Wow, it’s been two whole months since I’ve blogged about yoga teacher training. Well, that’s because we haven’t had a teacher training weekend in almost two months. Last weekend was Module Five in my teacher training classes and I was a little nervous about jumping back into things. I started panicking about a week before about my homework assignments and what to study for quizzes. But there was no reason for worry. My teacher loved my book report and I only missed one question on the quiz. This session focused on balancing postures. At first I thought “sweet! I totally rock balance postures!”. Then I went to pick up our hand outs and saw that the first balancing pose was Crane pose. I have never ever, ever, ever been able to get myself into this pose. Worst of all, I hold my breath while trying to attempt this pose. Number one rule in yoga: Hold the pose and not the breath. I’d like to tell you that I finally mastered this pose over the weekend, but I didn’t. I did learn ways to help me achieve this pose in the future and I did do the pose, just with my head resting on a stack of blankets. Most importantly, I learned that it’s OK not to do the pose. It’s all about the journey. I also learned that I should never muster through knee pain while in tree pose (because of the q-angle thing) and how to do this pose in a way that’s better for me.

Yes, balancing postures (with the exception of Crane) have always been easy for me, but in normal doses. Not FOUR hours of standing balance postures. My body did not want to move this morning and it still doesn’t. Worst of all, I had to teach my yoga class today at work. I’m tired.