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Cindy Maddera

I really thought last year was my year of the concerts, but this year is turning out to be yet another fantastic concert year. The 2008 concert season began with The Bravery and a ho-hum note. But I followed up that concert with The Police and Elvis Costello. Yeah, you heard me. I said The Police. With Elvis Costello. I never believed in a million years that I'd get to see The Police live twice in my lifetime. The only sour note of the evening was missing the first 30 minutes of Elvis Costello because some jerk wrecked his Camero on the freeway. At least we were there when Sting came out to sing along with Elvis to Allison. Yum!

I used to think Sting was my favorite member of the band, but I've noticed that my tastes have changed over the years (may have something to do with Brand New Day and that lute CD). The percussionist in me gravitates to Stewart Copeland. He's proven himself as not just a trap-set drummer of a punk band, but an experienced percussionist.

Over all, great concert, outside in a laid back setting. I'm still surprised that they've made it together on tour this long and they've stretched out the tour for two years. Could this mean possible new music and a new CD from The Police? Hmmm...very intriguing idea.

Next concert review: Feist in July!