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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I took a trip out to see Tiffany and Tom in Clovis, NM this weekend. It was a trip we should have made earlier because it was only after seeing Tiffany and Tom that I realized just how much I miss having them around in my daily life. They are the same people we loved back in grad-school. Tom gives the world’s best hugs. It’s like he hugs with all his soul. I think every one should get a hug from Tom at least once in their lives. And Tiffany never fails to make me laugh. She’s just one of those people that feels good to be around, not to mention she has the biggest heart. They are anxiously awaiting an addition to their little family and Tom held a little party/baby shower for her. I think Tiffany opened three presents before she decided that that was enough baby shower stuff for the day. I know they are getting nervous about being parents. They have nothing to worry about. They’ll be great parents (I did mention that Tiffany’s heart is gynormous). I can’t wait to visit them in their new place after the baby comes!

Clovis is everything Tiffany ever ranted about and more. The stench is unbelievable. Chris said this town could even turn him into a vegetarian. When there’s little stench, the wind roars. Constantly. Non stop. Wind. But, when the stench and wind start to get you down, you can always drive over to the prairie dog field. They were a particular highlight of Clovis. The truth is, we could have been visiting Tiffany and Tom in worse places (Bovina) and we still would have had a good time. I have to admit to getting a little teary when we gave our final farewell hugs. Part of me wanted to bundle Tiffany home with us (just until they made the move). As God is my witness, I will never wait so long to visit Tiffany again!