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The other day we received a flyer in the mail on recycling from our governor. We didn’t have access to the blue recycling bins at our old place because we weren’t considered Oklahoma City. As I read through the list of recyclables, I said that we needed to order a blue bin. Chris’s mom pipes up says “We have one!”. I didn’t believe her and kind of thought she didn’t understand what I was talking about. But she assured me that we did indeed have a blue bin and she took me outside to see it. We do have a blue recycle bin. She’s been using to store the garden hoses. Our recycling program begins…now! On a completely unrelated note, I may have a new pen pal from Russia. Some girl who collects tea tags (yeah, tea tags) saw one of my 365 day pictures of me holding a fortune cookie styled tea tag. She asked me if I’d send it to her. Now Chris, because he has a cold, black cynical heart, said she may be a crazy (I am a crazy magnet). But I emailed her any way and told her I could send her my tea tags. She was overjoyed and sent me her mailing address. Cool! She doesn’t have to know my mailing address and I think it’s kind of a neat idea. It’s like trading stamps, but with tea tags. I had no idea there were so many different types of tea tags.

Umm…I guess that’s about it. Things are pretty boring around here.