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Cindy Maddera

I don’t think I realized what I was getting into when I started yoga teacher training. I thought I’d just learn proper pose alignment, how to say the sanskrit name of the pose and how to teach that to others. This is probably all I would have learned if I had taken the easy fast track route, but it is in my nature to make things more difficult for myself. Yeah, I know I learn more this way. This weekend of teacher training was filled with so many “Aha” moments. I’m learning a lot about anatomy and this weekend I learned a lot about our hips and pelvic bones. Human anatomy is not new to me. I had to take anatomy and physiology in under-grad. At the time, I was focused on just memorizing the structures. I never really thought about why our bones and muscles are shaped and placed in specific ways, which is stupid.

For example, raise your hand if you tuck your tail bone under while standing (or sitting). Yeah, we all do it. When we tuck our tail bones, we shrink the holes formed by our sacrum and pubic bones where the sciatic nerve passes. We put pressure on the nerve and surrounding blood vessels. No wonder 90% of Americans have lower back pain.

Plus, after sitting on the floor practically all weekend, sitting in a real chair hurts. I'm going to have to retrain my brain about a lot things.