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Cindy Maddera

I’m always amazed when scientists uncover a new dinosaur, especially an elephant sized dino. A team in Chicago discovered two very large meatosaurs that roamed around the ancient African landscape. The first one is a member of the Eorarcharia dinops and was a fierce predator. Eorarcharia is a forerunner to Carcharodontosaurus who was just as bad-ass as T-rex. This new species had large blade-like teeth for tearing its prey to shreds (to shreds you say). The other new species is called Kryptop palaios and had fairly small teeth. This guy was probably a carrion eater. It’s even possible that Kryptop followed around Eorarcharia since they were found near each other at the dig.

These two new species give scientist an idea of how dinosaurs evolved as the African continent split from South America. It also shows the progression of smaller dinosaurs to humongo dinosaurs that suggest a steady evolutionary trend for larger predators.

I smell a new Jurassic Park movie.