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Cindy Maddera

Many of you are probably curious about the move and how things are going so far. I will admit that there were some rough times during our moving weeks. There was one day in particular where I was tempted to get in my car and drive very very very far away. But now that we are here and some what settled, things are not that bad. We still haven't gotten completely back to normal. There are still lots of boxes to be sorted through. Also, I've miss-placed a book I need for yoga class. I have no idea where it is (probably with the trash or Goodwill donations). Of course, if I buy a new book, I'll find the old one. Our food situation is another thing still not settled. I usually plan out meals and have a sense of what we are having for dinner every evening. Last week my mother-in-law asked me what we usually have for dinner on Wednesdays. I said "I don't know". I usually know these things.

I forced myself to go back to the gym this week just to get some resemblance of my old routine back. I haven't been to the Y in over a month. The weird thing is I still managed to reach the next level in the Fitlinx system (free T-shirt!). I've also managed to lose about 8 lbs. I think this is because I can only eat half of the things Chris's mom makes for dinner. I think one night my dinner consisted of a handful of sticky rice. Her sumptom (sp?) can melt skin.

Really, things are not that bad. When things do get annoying, I just go to my room and shut the door. I close my eyes and think of the piles of money we're supposed to be saving. Then I say to myself "It's temporary. It's temporary. It's temporary".