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Cindy Maddera

This was my first weekend of yoga teacher training. I headed into the weekend pretty nervous. What if my yoga wasn’t good enough? What if I wasn’t ready for this? Do I have to meet new people? All those first day jitters that one usually gets with the first day of school came crashing down on me. I left the house early Saturday morning to hang out with Chris (he was on baby-sitting duty) before class and I realized I had forgotten my water bottle. Then I started freaking out because I was going to have to buy a bottle of water and I’d probably be the only person there with an Earth-killing-plastic store bought bottle of water. How embarrassing. But once I got all my yoga gear settled in a spot on the floor and our teacher started us in our first asana class, I was fine. At one point in the middle of it all I almost giggled out loud because it dawned on me that I was in a yoga teacher training course. It was great. It’s going to be a lot of hard work. I have homework and papers to turn in every month. I have to learn theory and Sanskrit (which is like learning a new language). But I love every minute of it. I thought I was doing this just to teach, but it’s turning into so much more (which sounds a little hokey, I know).

And you know what? I was not the only one there with a store bought bottle of water. I was not the biggest person there or the oldest. I was not the weakest person there or even the strongest. All of us in the class have our own faults and strengths. This is going to be good. Really good. Oh, and weird fact number 157: Chris went to high school with my yoga instructor. It’s a very strange, small world we live in.