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Cindy Maddera

So, it’s been a week since the wart removal and I’ve been feeling pretty good. I can get my regular shoes on and I can gimp around a little faster. Still can’t put too much pressure on that part of my foot, but it actually doesn’t feel that bad. Or I should say it didn’t feel that bad. My follow up appointment changed everything (except the shoe thing). When the doctor cut out the warts, he filled in the holes with this stuff that turns all black and gross; I think its silver nitrate. Today he removed the black tar like crap to reveal what he referred to as wounds. I like to call them gaping hideous holes (GHPs). The removal of the tar hurt…LIKE A MOTHER F*&#R! I held it together fairly well until I got to my car and then cried like a baby.

Up to now, I hadn’t looked at the bottom of my foot. I had no desire to see it or know what was going on down there under that bandage. Today the doctor made me look at it. He wanted me to see the horror of it all. Ok, he did this so I would know what was going on, but still, didn’t want to see it. The doctor was very pleased with the GHPs. He said they look great (WTF?) and he could see no sign of any left over wart cells. He told me to keep the GHPs clean and dry (I can take real showers again!) and I’ll see him again next week.

My foot has once again been tortured and left throbbing in pain. The sucky part is I really do have work to do today. Perhaps I was little ambitious in planning out today’s experiments.