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Cindy Maddera

Our power went out around 10:30 Sunday night and its still not back on. The people across the street got their power back on Wednesday. Our side of the street is still in the dark. We’ve been staying with Chris’s mom and you would think this would be good practice for things to come, but OH MY GOD! Chris’s brother and sister-in-law and their two kids are also staying there because their power is out. That’s five adults, two kids, and one dog in a small three bedroom house. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if the house wasn’t already cramped. We’ve been cleaning out rooms and moving furniture. There’s still a lot to sort through, so just about every nook and cranny has a box of crap in it. The kids have been out of school all week and are about to go crazy. I’m on edge watching the dog because he doesn’t like little kids. I’ve told Jessica (the youngest) about a million times to leave Hooper alone. He will bite you! I think I’m just going to let him bite her next time. We’re all just ready to sleep in our own beds. I think Aimee (sister-in-law) would have slept in their freezing, powerless house just to be in her own bed last night.

The power is going to be on by the end of the day. I don’t know this, but this is what I’ve been telling myself everyday for the past week. The local news channels said that it may not be until Sunday before some of see electricity and another big snow storm is coming in today. The power will be on by the end of the day. Just say it with me. The power will be on by the end of the day.