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Cindy Maddera

The warts have been removed. The worst part about the procedure was the numbing part. The doctor had to inject the numbing stuff under two different areas of my foot. That part was really painful. The rest was easy because I couldn't feel it. It was a little disturbing to see the doctor pick up something that looked like a melon baller to "scoop" out the infected areas though. It's also really hard to drive when you can't feel your big toe or the bottom of your foot. The totally sexy orthopedic shoe they make wear doesn't help much either. The doctor says that I should be better in a week. He said that its surprising how fast these things heal. But for now, I'm gimpy. The bottom of my foot kind of feels like I've been beaten with a scalding hot hammer.

Well, at least I have a really good excuse for laying around on the couch all day.