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Cindy Maddera

Chris hardly ever says things like “Now that’s a band I’d really like to see in concertâ€?. So, when he said that about Modest Mouse, I quickly snatched up tickets for that concert. I decided to make it an early birthday present for Chris. We had really good seats. Chris’s seat was the aisle seat and it allowed him a perfect view of all the boobies walking up the aisle. At one point he looked over at me with a huge grin on his face and said “These are the greatest seats!â€?. Modest Mouse was great. I’m not sure I would have gone to that concert without Chris, but I’m glad I didn’t miss it. We even enjoyed the opening bands, Love As Laughter and ManBand. ManBand was very entertaining. They were kind of a cross of Squirrel Nut Zippers and The Muppets.

The concert was at the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman. On the way there I told Chris that I’d never been to the Lloyd Noble Center for anything. He said the last time he was there was when he was in high school and he went to see Chicago. I looked over at him with a look of horror on my face. He said “That’s right. I said Chicagoâ€?. My poor nerdy husband.