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Cindy Maddera

I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of every Starbucks I came across while we were in Seattle. This was a ludicrous idea that I abandoned somewhere around day three. I would just put my camera away, take two or three steps when some one in our group would yell out "There's another Starbucks!". They are like crazy mushrooms popping up in the most unexpected places. I did get a picture of the very first Starbucks, but not a very good one. The mermaid logo at the first Starbucks has her ta-tas showing and I didn't realize this until we had left that area.

The first Starbucks is a funny place. People run up to it like they're running over to get an autograph from Brad Pitt or Mick Jagger. They pose in front for photos like they are standing next to their most favorite rock star. My favorite Starbucks though had to be the teeny tiny one wedged between two skyscrapers. There used to be an ally there were bums could hang out and sleep in boxes. Then Starbucks comes along and says "If there's room for bum sleeping boxes, there must be room for us here".