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This is going to be a long post. I thought I’d fit two days into one entry because I didn’t have that many pictures for those days. But as I started writing it out, I realized that this was going to be a little long, but I’m too lazy to go back and change my picture sets.

The Pete took us on a driving tour of Seattle our third day there. We went to Gas Works Park were we climbed this big hill and had a great view of Seattle. I noticed that Washington has this weird thing called a season. When the calendar says it’s Fall, it is actually Fall. Crazy. The trees were beautiful and the air was crisp (and a little windy). We usually jump strait from summer to winter in this state with maybe a couple of days of autumn if we’re lucky, so it was really nice.

Then we drove over to the Freemont area to see the Freemont Troll. You may recognize the Troll from the movie Ten Things I Hate About You. He is magnificent in his home under the Freemont Bridge. The Freemont area is a neat little hippy town complete with an original statue of Stalin (purchased from the Soviet Union). As we were walking away from the Troll, a VW bug sped by and the wild-haired woman driving yelled out at us something about “giving some love to the Trollâ€?. Kimberly said that this was typical Freemont.

Next we drove over to Golden Garden Park. This was probably my next favorite place (after the library). There are picnic and campfire areas all along the beach. When we looked out onto Puget Sound, we saw all these sailboats whizzing around on the water. I loved it. I ran along the beach and peered into all the little water pools looking for shells and little sea creatures.

That evening we rode the ferry over to Kingston for savory crepes. I had no idea that you could put actual food (other then fruit) inside a crepe and call it dinner. They were wonderful. I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese crepe and Chris had a chicken and spinach crepe. They were cut in half, so Chris and I split ours up so we could try both. The crepes are one of the things we’ve pined for the most since we returned home. We try not to talk about them (or the piroshkies).

On the fourth day, we went to the Seattle Aquarium. This is probably the best aquarium I’ve ever been to. I could have spent hours in the room with all the touchable sea creatures. You could touch starfish and sea urchins, even sea anemones. Each little aquarium was full of the neatest looking fish. It was all I could do to not just press my face up against the glass and stare for hours.

Yeah, I guess you could say that Chris and I had a great time in Seattle.