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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I haven't been on a real vacation in almost four years. I define a real vacation as going somewhere for more then two days (that's a weekend get-a-way) and airplanes may be required to reach your destination. This was the first time we'd flown any where in over four years. That's a long time. We chose Seattle because we're looking for places where we may want to live some day. Plus our very generous friends Kimberly and Pete live there and let us stay with them. FOR FREE.

We were on our own for our first day out. We rode the bus with Kimberly from their suburb to downtown Seattle. We had time for a cup of coffee (guess where) before Kimberly had to head off to class. Chris and I jumped on the monorail that took us to the Seattle Center. There's a bunch of stuff going on here like the Space Needle, but most importantly that's were the Science Fiction museum is. Chris was really excited about this museum and I don't think he was disappointed. The problem I had with the museum was that they wouldn't let you take pictures. Chris was so cute in his nerdy excitement and I couldn't document it.

We jumped back on the monorail that took us back to were we started and then walked down to Pike Place. I think you actually need two weeks to see every thing about this place. Besides the best produce ever and fresh fish, there are all kinds of shops that thread their way all around and under the main market. We had lunch at the Athenian Inn restaurant which was used in a scene in "Sleepless in Seattle". The food was yum.

After wandering around the market for a little while, we met Kimberly for pastries and more coffee. Then we walked back up to our bus stop and on home. The first day seemed like we didn't really do much, but we saw tons of things. It was almost sensory overload.

More to come.