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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I worked really hard on getting the office clean and organized. We are almost done. There are still a few boxes of things that need to be sorted through, but the office is organized the way we want it and I no longer have to climb over Mt. Crap to get to my desk. As we were cleaning and rearranging things Saturday, Chris and I both looked at my desk and decided it just did not fit in the space. I said that I could always cover the top of one of the metal desks out in the garage and use that. It’s smaller and it would match Chris’s desk (in style). So we started clearing off the top of the desk in the garage when I noticed a box labeled “Chris’s stuff and Cindy’s curtainsâ€?. I looked at Chris and said “Why is that box labeled Cindy’s curtains?â€?. We opened the box and Ta-Da, my blue Pottery Barn curtains were neatly packed inside.

Not only did we give ourselves a brand new office, but I got new curtains for the living room as well. Sort of.