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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I decided to spend our Labor Day at Ikea and we dragged my mom along so we could hang out and also because her van is better for road trippin’ then our little car. Plus, Mom’s van will hold more stuff. The first time Chris and I went to Ikea we spent four hours there and only bought a few things (things we didn’t need like 100 tea-light candles, but they were only $3.00!). Now we tend to spend less time, but more money when we go. It helps to have a specific plan like, for instance, this trip was all about lighting and window treatments for the bedroom and office. Of course there are always a few random things thrown in that aren’t part of the plan like dish towels and a blue blanket. There’s also the orchid I bought that Chris and I have already placed bids on when it will kick the bucket. Our true Labor Day will be the days we spend putting all the window things up. I can’t believe we are finally putting up real curtains. It’s seems like such a grown up thing to do. All this time, we’ve just had old sheets tacked up over the windows.

A trip to Ikea also means that we make a stop at the REI store (Prana Pants!) and have dinner at Pappadeaux’s (fried oysters and banana pudding!). I also ran into my old friend Anna. It was her first time to Ikea and I hope she had a great time. The first trip can always be a little overwhelming because there is so much to see. Any way, it was great seeing her.